What is Auragonyte?

I created my technique based off of the Wilhem Reich's way... however my pieces have immense amounts of energy work as they are created receiving healing sound baths, Reiki Infused, and blessed and consecrated ... plus my signature style of creating lead me to revamp the name.

How long is shipping?

Shipping can take up to four weeks if you order something that is handmade. We do not do any rushed orders or shipments. Please know that these are all intentional gifts created with the movement of the planets and lunar cycles.

Can I "gift" Auragonyte?

Yes of course! 

NO Refund Policy

Refunds are only available on a defective item. Shipping issues will be corrected by being reshipped. If you purchase a time to receive a reading and miss your appointment no refund will be given, you will be offered a time to reschedule.

How soon do I need to Schedule my Reading?

Readings need to be scheduled within 30 days of purchase and at 45 days you forfeit your purchase and no refund will be given (any way). But you ARE able to reschedule.

Can I get a refund for classes?

All sales for classes and workshops are final sale. The investment goes towards the Creation of the Workshop so no refunds are granted.