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Watermelon Tourmaline and Pure Copper

Containing three different colors, watermelon tourmaline—sometimes referred to as “the gateway to the inner self—is believed to provide a combination of useful metaphysical healing properties when kept as a companion or worn in the form of jewelry on a regular basis. It is considered to be a “super activator” of the heart and higher heart chakras, opening them, cleansing them and removing any blockages. This results in a relieving of stress and an increase in empathy, sympathy, compassion and self-confidence. Insecurities and overactive emotions  melt away, allowing the meaning and purpose of one’s life to become clear. Watermelon tourmaline is regarded as a protective stone that provides a combination of both female and male energies, bringing harmony and balance to the chakras. It is believed to put the heart chakra in touch with both spiritual and physical vibrations, and inspire practicality and creativity.