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Contains : Rose Quartz 
Corresponds with the Heart Chakra 
Zodiac Libra and Taurus

This is a stone of gentle warmth and love, as it heals emotional wounds and pain with it's gentle calming salve. Opens the heart to the beauty within and all around us, and will begin its healing by reducing resentments.

Self-Acceptance, Self Love, and Personal Worth

Enhances all forms of love: self love, mother love, caring, kindness, platonic and romantic love.

Kindness: Opens our hearts and encourages us to be tender, peaceful and gentle. Teaches forgiveness and tolerance.

Attracts: Emanates unconditional love and nurturance and helps us attract positive, gentle, non-judgmental love into our lives.

Copper- Copper strengthens the consciousness of its carrier... and strengthens the bonds of family. In magic Copper is used to attract love, it is the metal associated with the Goddesses Aphrodite, Astarte and Ishtar. Copper is also used in rituals for money and healing.

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